Dario G at Cambridge Big Weekend July 2016

Dario G gave a brilliant performance to a packed audience on Parker’s Piece, Cambridge on Friday 8th July 2016 as part of the Big Weekend. He played many of his greatest hits including Sunchyme, Carnaval de Paris and Dream To Me.

Here are the photos I took. Please contact me if you would like to purchase any high resolution copies without the copyright notice.

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YouTube Marketing

18th October 2013

I have just completed a YouTube course called Maximize Your Channel. I have learned lots more tips on how to use YouTube channels and videos for marketing and SEO. Give me a call if you would like help in setting up or updating your YouTube channel to market your business, expand your customer base and ultimately get more sales.

Talk / Demonstration: Web Video to Boost Your Business Tuesday 27th November 2012 6pm-7pm

Web Video is a powerful marketing tool.  Can you afford to ignore it?

The use of web video to promote businesses has risen dramatically over recent years. Video production is now more affordable, even for promoting a small business. Statistics have shown that a web video:

  •  keeps visitors on a website for longer;
  • builds trust in the company;
  • increases confidence in the company’s products or services;
  • increases the likelihood of a sale;
  • improves SEO rankings.

These are just some of the benefits of online video marketing. For more examples, please see my other blog posts.

See: http://www.invodo.com/html/resources/video-statistics/ for detailed statistics about online video.

A web video can be used for many purposes. E.g:

  • To introduce / demonstrate your goods or services.
  • To raise your company’s profile.
  • To introduce your staff.
  • To establish your company as an expert in a specific market.
  • To increase traffic and sales.
  • To provide answers to frequently asked questions about your products / services.
  • To provide testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • To train staff.
  • To train product users.
  • To record meetings / conferences for staff who are unable to attend.
  • To provide monthly / quarterly reports.

The list is endless. Can you think of some uses of web video marketing that are specific to your business?

To help your small business increase customers and sales, Online Video and Marketing Services is hosting a FREE short talk and demonstration called “Web Video to Boost Your Business” from 6pm until 7pm on Tuesday 27th November in Cherry Hinton. Please book in advance as numbers are limited. Persons who book and then fail to attend will be charged a fee of £10. Attendees will receive a £50 voucher that can be used towards the cost of a web video.

The talk will cover:

The benefits of web video

Types of web video

Planning your business video

Tips on video production

Equipment required for producing your own web video

Optimising your web video for YouTube.

Reserve your place now as spaces are limited. Please ring Rita Smith on Cambridge (01223) 514109.

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Video and Photography to announce the birth of your new baby

New service – announce the birth of your new baby with video and photography on Youtube and/or Facebook – updated 30th July 2013

The arrival of your new baby is a special occasion. You will treasure the memory forever. Your family and friends will be eager to see your baby as soon as possible but they may not live close by.

The solution – upload a video of your new baby on YouTube and/or Facebook and share your joyful moments with those closest to you. Add photos too. Even relatives who live far away will be able to see the video and photos within minutes of uploading. Mums and dads can talk to their family and friends via the video and capture their happiness and excitement for always.

Let online video and marketing services film and photograph your special event and share it on social media sites. Being a new parent is a busy time. We can save you time by announcing the birth for you on your Facebook page with a lovingly created video, complete with a beautifully designed title page. Your baby’s name and any other text that you wish to add will be inserted using the colour and font of your choice.

The normal price for this service will be:

Baby Filming 

Film, edit, upload to Youtube and link to your Facebook page £129.

Baby Filming Plus Photography 

Plus up to 30 photos on the video (photos will also be supplied on CD) – add £30.

Edited film also supplied on DVD – add £30. (Further copies will be just £12 each.)

Baby Photography only 

50 photos on disk – not uploaded to any social media sites. No video. £50.

Opening special offer

Filming, Photography, upload to YouTube, link to Facebook, DVD of the video, 30 photos on CD

Normal price £129 + £30 +£30 = £189

Special Offer – just £129

This amazing price is available until 30th September 2013 so don’t miss out. Reserve your spot ASAP.

Please note: This price is for filming in the maternity ward (subject to permission) or in Cherry Hinton. Other locations (by arrangement) will be subject to travel costs.

Engaged? Start Your Wedding Blog Today!

Are you engaged? Then have you considered a blog to tell your family and friends about your wedding plans? With WordPress it’s easy to set up and, if you use the .com version, it’s free. Let your friends help you choose your venue or your wedding dress. You can upload photos, insert links to wedding websites and ask for comments on your blog posts.

Some WordPress themes are especially designed for wedding blogs. For example, the theme Forever has a widget called Milestone. This counts down the days to your wedding day. You can enter a title for your event (e.g. “My Wonderful Wedding”) and choose a message for that special day. There is also a guestbook template. Why not invite your guests to write messages for you? Maybe they have some funny stories about your past. Let’s hope they won’t make you blush too much!

You can customise the header with your favourite photo. Perhaps you’d like to upload your engagement photo. All you need to do is browse for the file on your computer and crop it to fit the header’s dimensions. Alternatively, if you have photo editing software, you can crop the image to the correct size before uploading. This will save space on your WordPress site.

After your wedding you can upload photos of your wedding day and your honeymoon. In this way, family and friends will see the pictures immediately. Just phone them or send them an email with a link to your blog.

To see a demo and to get some ideas, go to http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/forever/

Ever After is another WordPress wedding theme. Like Forever, it has a milestone widget, custom header and a guestbook template. But, whereas Forever has a sidebar as well as a column, Ever After has just one column. This is not a problem as you can use the footer to insert up to four widgets. For example, you may wish to show your recent posts here or perhaps your wedding day milestone widget. Ever After has a responsive design. This means that the pages are shown optimally on whichever devices they are viewed on. Thus they look good on tablets and mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

Go to http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/ever-after/ to see an example of this theme.

Lovebirds is a pretty WordPress wedding theme with fancy text for headings. Again, it has a guestbook template and a custom header.  The custom header gives you the option of selecting the height. Like Ever After, Lovebirds has a responsive design. It has two columns and an infinite scroll. In other  words, you keep scrolling down the page rather than having to go to a new page. Ever After has an infinite scroll too.

This is a link to the Lovebirds theme.

Lovebirds and Ever After are quite recent WordPress themes but no doubt they will soon become very popular with brides-to-be. If you are engaged, why not start your wedding blog today?

If you need help getting started with your wedding blog, please give me a call on 01223 514109.

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