Online Video – the benefits

Online Video – What Are The Benefits?

The following are just some of the benefits of using web video on your website:

  • Online video demonstrates your goods or services more clearly than text.
  • Customers see a real person behind the business. This builds rapport, trust and credibility. (It has been proven that buyers are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust.)
  • Using online video to share quality information will establish you as an expert in your subject.
  • Online video keeps a visitor on your page for longer.
  • Search engines like web video and will rank your site higher.

Online video helps you to:

  • earn money while you sleep as your message is displayed 24/7;
  • sell your goods or services all over the country without the expense of a sales team;
  • save on vehicle and fuel costs as you don’t need a sales team;
  • save time as you don’t need to travel as much;
  • target other countries without being limited by travel costs, travel time, jet lag and time differences.
  • state your message once only to a wide audience instead of repeating it to one potential customer at a time;

and your audience can watch your web video at any time and replay it as many times as necessary to clarify any points.

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