Website Design

Online Video and Marketing Services can provide you with a simple, easy to run website. You can move your website to at a later stage if required. The differences between the two sites are detailed below.

Prices start from £249 for a very basic website with a maximum of five pages and up to five images in total.

If you are looking for a website that is free to run after the initial cost of the design, you need a website. WordPress is an extremely popular web design platform and is well supported. There are no monthly fees. However, you have to have  as part of your domain name unless you pay an annual fee to WordPress (currently $21) to have this omitted. For example, your domain name will be if you opt for the free version but by paying extra you can have as your domain name.

Note that you are more restricted with your website design with If you want complete customisation of your website plus the ability to use plug-ins, then you need This too, is free but you need a service provider to host your website. The provider will make a monthly charge for this. On top of this, you will need to register and pay for a domain name. Currently a domain name costs under £10 for two years registration.

Both and charge extra for more specialised themes but there are many quality themes that are free.

I suggest you start off with a free theme from You can easily move your website across to should you choose to do so later.

Before designing your website take a look at the themes on to get some ideas of styles and layouts. Different styles suit different types of businesses. For example, if you have lots of images to display, choose a theme that has a gallery layout and a post slider to show off your main images.