PlanningYour Web Video

Your online video needs careful planning before any filming commences. Consider the following topics first:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What message do you wish to give to your audience?

  • What tone will you use – formal, business-like, casual, funny, etc?

  • What style will you use – one person to camera, talking heads (two or more people talking about your product / service), a demonstration, etc?

  • How does your product / service benefit your customers? (What’s in it for them?)

  • Why should your customers buy from you rather than your competitors?

  • Think of your video as a story with a problem and a solution.

  • Don’t forget to include a call to action, e.g. “Sign up to our newsletter” or “Phone for a demonstration now.”

  • Keep the video short, ideally 90 seconds or less, and grab attention with a compelling hook in the first five seconds.

    Be aware that your audience may not be familiar with any technical terms relating to your goods or services. Therefore, keep your words simple and easy to understand.

    Once you have considered all the above topics, you are ready to make plans for filming.